Our stewardship projects help to demonstrate our commitment to good management and conscious commercialism, as well as create sustainable added value over the long term.

Stewardship is deeply engrained in our culture; because of our history and because of our heritage, we act at all times as good stewards of the properties we manage. We strive for the best standards of management: in our parkland and gardens; in our farmland and our forestry; in the marine environment; and in our buildings and streetscapes. So our commercial approach is supported by a clear recognition of our stewardship responsibilities.

Through the Stewardship Programme we work with others to deliver practical projects that generate value in our chosen markets. These projects can benefit people, organisations and the environment in the communities where we work as well as our business and our employees. 

Over the past year we have invested over £1 million in projects, including: talent and skills development programmes for the marine aggregates sector; working with other landowners in central London to deliver over a hectare of new green space between Regent's Park and St James's Park through Wild West End; and introduced a new 'Marine Antiquities Scheme' app to help people record archaeological discoveries on the seabed. 

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