What we do

Enhancing the value of our rural estate through active management, stewardship, and community participation.

We are one of the country's largest rural landowners, with extensive rural holdings encompassing agriculture, forestry, minerals, tourism and residential property.

Across our Rural portfolio, we focus our asset management efforts on working alongside our customers to understand and align our business interests. We benefit from moving our farm tenants on to more commercial terms, and recognise that the best way to do this is by helping ensure that our tenants have sustainable and profitable businesses.

Elsewhere we have deployed capital into research and training programmes, focusing on issues that create value for both us and our customers, such as soil management. We understand that the health and quality of our soils is critical to the long-term, sustainable performance of our Rural portfolio and we have delivered workshops with our tenants and introduced new lease terms to help ensure best practice in soil husbandry.