Our portfolio

We are guardians and managers of forest landscapes in some of the most scenic parts of the UK countryside.

We are at the forefront of innovative and responsive management practices. Since 2000 all our commercial forests and woodlands have been awarded Forest Stewardship Council® certification, so complying with the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) - recognised as the kite-mark of sustainable forest management. We are committed to maintaining these standards through our certification body the Soil Association (Woodmark). Our tourist and recreational facilities are multi-award winning.

Forest Stewardship Council certification C102073

Forest Stewardship Council licence code

Our woods and forests provide important socio economic and environmental benefits and are used for a wide range of recreational, educational and sporting activities. Smaller scale plantations and areas of semi-natural woodlands are found throughout our rural estate. The majority of our forestry is managed for (commercial) timber production with public access, recreation, sustainable tourism and conservation given high priority in our management policy. 

We are working hard to tackle climate change as well as conserving rare wildlife, providing high quality outdoor spaces, producing sustainable timber and helping others to do the same.

We invest significantly in the development of public access, education, conservation and landscape projects, which increase woodland biodiversity, promote visitor enjoyment, encourage community involvement, deliver environmental education benefits and improve local amenities.

Management plans for our woodland areas are publically available from our local offices or by emailing us at: