Working with us

Backing the innovative while keeping the long-term in view.

We work in active partnership with our tenants to encourage a forward thinking approach to business development so they, and we, are effectively positioned to compete in a challenging and changing market.

To meet our performance objectives we believe in investing in our land for the long term. We let land at market rates to the best-performing farmers in an effort to form relationships that are beneficial to both us and our tenants. Whilst we understand that shorter lease terms can impact upon tenant investment, we believe in varying the length of our tenancies to ensure the best long term outcome. Our experience is that progressive tenants that are commercially astute are not necessarily deterred by shorter Farm Business Tenancies, and many have ended up occupying land for well beyond ten years.

Tenants that demonstrate an ability to innovate and show a commitment to the long-term sustainability of the land inspire confidence and lay the foundations for practical solutions that can deliver good outcomes for both parties. We are prepared to consider investment proposals and if you are a tenant who has a well thought out proposal for us to consider then please contact your managing agent. Their details can be found on our Managing Agents contact page.