Supporting the challenges

Our agricultural interests include both livestock and arable farming.  Consisting of around 106,000 hectares (263,000 acres) across the UK, they also include 26,900 hectares (66,500 acres) of common land, principally in Wales.

Successful businesses require practical support and, over the last ten years, our investment in the rural sector has been running at approximately £4.5 million per annum. We applaud sound business ideas and enterprises ranging from a silk workshop to a flower business.

Maintaining close relationships with the Tenant Farmers Union, the National Farmers Union and the Country Land and Business Association ensures we are in touch with the national agricultural community.

To support the future of farming we sponsor a Nuffield Scholarship and fund a tenant to attend the Oxford Farming Conference. In similar vein we have been pleased to sponsor two candidates to attend The Prince of Wales' Farming and Food Summer School, and also to join other organisations in contributing to The Prince's Countryside Fund, the objectives of which include the improvement of the sustainability of British farming and rural communities.

There are activities throughout the year on our farms to support local education initiatives, allowing young people to learn about where their food comes from.