Total Contribution

Total Contribution is a methodology which demonstrates the value we create by measuring the impact of our activity on the capitals on which we depend.

Sustainable growth is central to our business resilience, underpinning our competitive advantage and outperformance of our benchmark. Total Contribution plays a vital role in this by providing us with a deeper understanding of the impact of our decisions on our capitals. And it ultimately demonstrates the bigger contribution we make beyond our financial return.

Total Contribution Report 2017 (PDF, 4.57 MB)

What do we report?

We report on the impact of our activity, across our six capitals (previously referred to as our resources and relationships) and in line with our principles of transparency.

Our activity is split in the following  way:

  • direct activity (carried out by ourselves),
  • indirect activity (commissioned by us but carried out by our supply chain), and
  • enabled activity (carried out by our customers on our land).

For detail on how our approach has evolved since the publication of our first report in 2013, visit Our journey.

What’s next?

Now that we have published our second Total Contribution report and updated methodology, we are keen to work with others to refine the methodology further so that it becomes an accepted way of measuring capitals by many businesses and organisations.