Our business model

We have a resilient business model powered by conscious commercialism.

Our approach

At the heart of our approach is our purpose: creating brilliant places through conscious commercialism.

It’s about taking a long-term view, seeing the bigger picture, identifying opportunities for growth, and creating environments that are relevant, attractive and profitable.

What we do

  • 1.Investment management

    We buy and sell assets in line with our investment strategy, with a focus on our chosen sectors where we can outperform the market through our expertise and critical mass

  • 2.Development management

    We plan, construct, develop and refurbish to create successful places where our customers and communities can thrive

  • 3.Asset management

    We actively manage our assets, working closely with our customers to help achieve their business objectives while, at the same time, increasing the value of our portfolio

  • 4.Property management

    We enhance our investment, development and asset management activities with effective property management to ensure we address the needs of our customers, partners, and communities

The things we rely on

We draw upon six capitals in the management of our business model.

Financial resources

Our people

Physical resources

Our know-how

Natural resources

Our networks

The value we create

Beyond meeting our income and total return targets we also consider the wider value we deliver against each capital.


8.1% year-on-year increase in net revenue profit


Year-on-year increase in total property value


Operational waste diverted from landfill


Employees ‘Proud to work for The Crown Estate’

18 hours

Average training per employee p.a.


Funds managed on behalf of our strategic joint venture partners

Our contribution to the Treasury

Our annual net revenue profit is paid to the Treasury.


+8.1% net revenue profit paid to the Treasury


Returned to Treasury over the last decade

Investment into the business

We access capital to invest in our portfolios via strategic partnerships and the sale of non-core ex-growth assets.


Inflow of funds from capital activity


Capital activity in 2016/17

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