Crown Estate Scotland

The Crown Estate's management duties in Scotland have been transferred to Scottish Government, as recommended by the Smith Commission and reflected in the Scotland Act 2016. 

The Scotland Act 2016 paved the way for the devolution of Crown Estate management in Scotland to Scottish Ministers.  That management relates to a number of Scottish assets including agricultural and forestry land, the territorial seabed, rights on the continental shelf and a small number of commercial property assets.

A new public body, Crown Estate Scotland, is now tasked with managing those Scottish assets with profit from its activities going to Scottish Ministers.

In relation to the rest of the UK, the remit of The Crown Estate remains unchanged, with its profits continuing to go to the UK Government.

The Crown Estate and Crown Estate Scotland are separate entities that operate independently of each other, albeit they both have commercial mandates to enhance the value of the assets they manage and grow revenue profit.

 While independent of each other, The Crown Estate and Crown Estate Scotland will seek to collaborate and cooperate where appropriate, for the benefit of customers, tenants and stakeholders.

 To find out more about Crown Estate Scotland, you can visit the website here: