Wave and tidal

We are committed to working with industry and stakeholders to unlock the value of the significant wave and tidal energy resources within English, Welsh and Northern Irish waters.  

Ocean waves

In support of this, we leased third party managed zones in 2014 to supplement other opportunities including managed test facilities.  These providing the platform for array scale developments.  In addition we also offer leasing opportunities for tidal current projects of up to 30MW and wave energy projects of up to 3MW.

The waters around our coast contain some of the best wave and tidal energy resources in the world.  In order to contribute to maintaining a diverse and secure energy mix, and realise renewable energy and carbon reduction targets, there is a strong case to develop these resources at an appropriate scale.

Our role primarily involves leasing areas of the seabed for development and managing the associated seabed rights.  There are currently a number of sites leased for tidal current and wave projects, and the first leasing process for tidal range projects has also been undertaken.  

Most recently, we have updated the leasing process to provide development rights for small scale wave projects of up to 3MW and tidal current projects of up to 30 MW. This update to the process recognises current government policy, industry progression and market conditions. 

Aside from granting development rights, we engage proactively with industry forums, government and stakeholders to address strategic barriers and industry wide issues and co-ordinate our activities with public bodies in order to bring new development opportunities successfully to market.

To date we have leased over 40 sites for tidal current and wave projects, and we have now started the first leasing process for tidal range projects. In addition, we are undertaking ‘enabling actions’ work (research and technical studies) to support the project development process, and have invested in a first-of-a-kind array project.

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