Cables and pipelines

We manage almost all of the seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit.

Our permission is needed for the rights to lay, maintain and operate cables and pipelines on seabed for which we are landlord. We also ask to be informed of cables and pipelines that transit the UK continental shelf (within the 200 nautical mile limit), as other activities may be impacted.

Incoming applicants are required to obtain all necessary consents from government, and crossing and proximity agreements from existing tenants in close proximity to the works and works restriction zone.

Our rights to licence renewable energy generation on the UK continental shelf means our permission is needed for the full length of electricity cables (export cables) connecting offshore wind farms to shore and these rights are granted to either the associated wind farm developer or a dedicated Offshore Transmission Asset Owner (OFTO).

This section contains information on our standard terms, decommissioning guidance and other background information.