Our websites

There are a variety of websites promoting our different assets and partnerships.

  • CO2 Stored
  • The Crown Estate and the British Geological Survey are developing 'CO2 Stored', which enables stakeholders to understand the role CCS can play in supporting a diverse, affordable and secure energy supply in the UK.
  • Marine Data Exchange
  • The Marine Data Exchange provides access to survey data and reports collated during the planning, building and operating of offshore renewable energy projects.

  • Regent Street Online
  • Regent Street Online is the consumer site for the Regent Street brand.

  • Regent Street Local
  • Regent Street Local is the business-to-business site for Regent Street.

  • Regent Street Office Direct
  • Regent Street Office Direct are responsible for the leasing of small offices on Regent Street, Swallow Street, Heddon Street and other adjacent properties under the ownership of The Crown Estate.

  • Regent Street Home
  • A selection of 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms flats & maisonettes to let on prestigious Regent Street, London W1 and surrounding areas.

  • Regent's Park Living
  • Regents Park Living provides a wealth of information for Crown Estate tenants living in the park.

Windsor Great Park

  • There is something for everyone within Windsor Great Park, at any time of year. Encompassing The Savill Garden, Virginia Water, The Valley Gardens and the Long Walk and Deer Park – the Great Park offers a rich tapestry of experiences to discover, with a Royal history spanning over 1,000 years.

  • St James's
  • St James's London is the consumer site for the St James's brand.

St James's Market

  • The St James’s Market development, a joint venture with Oxford Properties Group, is rapidly taking shape as a new West End landmark.

  • Transmission Infrastructure for Offshore Generation
  • Increasing numbers of offshore wind farms are in operation or under construction in the UK. This website provides wide ranging information on the transmission infrastructure that may be expected to deliver this.

Regional retail websites