Why we’re different

The Crown Estate is like no other business.

St James’s Gateway

Created by Act of Parliament, but operationally independent, our role is to make sure that the land and property we invest in and manage are sustainably worked, developed and enjoyed to deliver the best value over the long term.

Our business includes the whole of Regent Street, much of St James’s, Windsor Great Park, numerous regional shopping centres, hundreds of thousands of acres of rural land and coastline, and much of UK’s seabed.

At the heart of how we work is an astute, considered, collaborative approach that helps us create success for our business and for our partners, customers and the community.

What this means is that we consider the bigger picture and the impact of what we do. We combine commercialism with integrity and stewardship, because these are the values that guide our business. We aim to be enterprising and progressive, create opportunities and find new and better ways of generating revenue and building long-term value.

100% of our revenue profit is paid to the UK Treasury, which combined with our purpose and the quality, importance and impact of the assets we invest in and manage, mean that we have a role that goes beyond making a financial return. The way we work helps us drive sustainable growth for our business, and makes an important total contribution to the economy, the environment and the people of the UK.

We respect and are open and honest with each other and the people we work with. We do what we say and tackle our work with spirit and commitment, empowering ourselves and others. We work collaboratively with colleagues and partners, connecting people, ideas and opportunities. We are enterprising in how we create value, agile and considered in how we do business.

We hope that’s you too.

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Success stories

Our people are as varied and amazing as our assets and activities.

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Success stories